Bernie (rscudiver) I think I found your trailer
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Thread: Bernie (rscudiver) I think I found your trailer

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    bad, m'kay?

    Bernie (rscudiver) I think I found your trailer

    It looks like it got everything you need:

    For another measly 60k you can tow it home with a '06 749R and a '06 MV Corse

    BTW, if you still got some money left over, Steve also has, in addition to the stonkin F-350, a F430 that you may convince him to sell. Don't forget to tell him bafflebrain sent you.
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    Not a bad price.
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    I think I'll weasel in on that deal before Bernie gets it!! I'm going to my bank tomorrow to get a loan... after all, I'll probably get a better buy if I get everything as a package - right?
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    Come see me, Squire, I'll give you that loan. It's for business purposes, right?

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