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    Gear 4 SALE

    Buying a house and giving up my bike for 2 years. Deal I made with the fiancee. So I'm selling my riding gear. All gear were only used a couple times and still looks brand new or else I wouldn't be selling them. All gear were bought this year. Here's what's for sale:

    Teknic 2 piece Chicane?? leather suit. Black and silver size 42 US.
    Worn maybe 4-5 times. $450

    Joe Rocket Speedway leather jacket. Blue and black size 42 US.

    Joe Rocket Ballistic Jeans. Black size 34

    Arai Quantum F Helmut. Raptor blue and black size M

    To give you an idea who will fit them. I'm about 5"10 and 160 lbs.
    They fit well and sometimes maybe a little too big.

    PM if interested. Thanks

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    so the jeans size is a 34 waist? how is the fit on the legs (baggy at all)?

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    OH YEAH!
    any pic>?
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    I'm a 32 waist and found that the 34 fits well even if I had a pair of shorts underneath. I would have to say that the Jeans are like a relaxed fit. Not baggy but then not skin tight either.

    I'm working on getting pics up. Don't have a digital camera so I'll have to see who I know that has one and try and borrow theirs.

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    maybe, just maybe, a zx-7
    interested, but i need pics...

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