Can you replace a 4 ohm speaker with an 8 ohm?
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Thread: Can you replace a 4 ohm speaker with an 8 ohm?

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    Can you replace a 4 ohm speaker with an 8 ohm?

    Any home electronics wizards out there?

    I have a home theatre system with 4 ohm speakers. I don't like my centre channel speaker and want to upgrade but most of the speakers I see are 8 ohms.

    Can you replace a 4 ohm speaker with an 8 ohm speaker (leaving the 4 surrounds at 4 ohms and the sub-woofer at 8 ohms) and not mess up the system?

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    if you double the impedance, you half the power output to that channel.

    if it's a 50 watt channel at 4 ohms, it will be 25 watts at 8. it will work, but your power output, and your sound quality, may suffer.

    no physical damage can happen though.

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    You could hook the center channel up in parallel. Use 2 speakers

    IE: 2 eight ohm speakers in parallel would show a 4 ohm load to the amp. The amp "sees" 1 four ohm speaker.

    Hooking up 8 ohm speakers in series would bring you to 16 ohms, which would be even worse. Really quiet in the very least.

    Btw, almost all car speakers are 4 ohms, so you could put one of them into your center channel, I suppose.

    Personally, I'd just keep looking for a nice 4 ohm center channel speaker.

    One more thing..... if you hook up 2 four ohm speakers in parallel then your amp would see a 2 ohm load, and unless your amp is rated to handle that then you can expect a dead amp quite soon.

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    Doug is right,

    No problem, wont sound as good as a 4 ohm would.... however there would be no damage.

    Your amp can usually outperform the speakers and if you bridge your amp it will blow the speakers .... however that is another discussion for another time.

    Summary : Yes
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