Are front tires interchangeable??
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Thread: Are front tires interchangeable??

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    Are front rims interchangeable??

    Are front rims interchangeable?? example. a rim that takes 120/70/ZR17 for yamaha R6 and a rim that takes 120/70/ZR17 for suzuki GSXR 750... are they interchangeable?? or do they take different axles or rotors?? Anyone have any info??

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    Tires are tires, as long as the tire fits on the wheel its all good.

    If a wheel takes a 120/70/ZR17 tire, any tire will work.

    Wheels are not all that interchangable though.


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    Beware to not mix tyre types unless you really know what you are doing. Different compounds/trad patterns will affect your steering. Either positively or negatively. If the tires are same make/model/carcass letter you're set.

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    Be carefull with stock/factory tires, those ones that come on the bieks when you buy them. The oem manufacturers IE Honda etc specify a tire for there bike, if you look closely at the tires, it will have a different model # on it. You can buy these from the dealers but they are more expensive than the regular tires we all buy when we walk into a store. I wouldn't swap the oe stock tires but what you buy from the store is ok. Oh yeah, you should run the same tire front and rear as Cosworth said, it will make your bike handle differently
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    Rims are interchangable providing the axle size,width across the hub, disc diameter and disc offset are the same. Also whether it has a speedo drive or not. With all these variable its obviously easy and is usually only done if you putting newer rims on somrthing older. Common swaps like 17" F3 rims onto CBR900's are fairly straightforword. Bearings can be changed for different axle sizes and custom carriers can be made to fit calipers to rotors. If you already have a current sportbike that needs a rim, just stick with what it came with, it's way easier.

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