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    cobra muffler

    what's the scoop on cobra mufflers...i found one that fits my bike for about 200 bones

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    I think Cobra is the UK version of a popular US brand, maybe Akra? Not sure, but nonetheless, I have heard good things about Cobra from UK riders.

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    Really vreck? I've heard sort of bad things about Cobras...basically just a cheap alternative if you scratched up your stock can, and don't have the money for an OEM or better slip-on. But I could be totally wrong, as I have no personal experience with them...this is just what someone told me once, when I was thinking getting Cobra slip-ons for my old ZX-6E...just because they were the least expensive out there.

    But really for $200 you can't go wrong.
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    well now that i think about it, its rather small and looks dorky on bikes...i dont think im gonna get it, i want to grab a v&h
    what shops around town do you think will have the best deal

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    I bought a full cobra exhaust for my 4 wheeler a few years ago. It took about a month for all the paint to burn off the header and it was obsenely loud. If that is no problem, $200 sounds reasonable.

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