Armor for the new millenium? ;D
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Thread: Armor for the new millenium? ;D

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    Armor for the new millenium? ;D

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post... Kind of serious, kind of light-hearted.

    Robocop? Halo? World War 3?

    I'm not saying its a good idea, but how well do you think something like that would actually fare on a bike? (Laser sights and AC'd helmet aside )

    It says he has conducted bullet tests and all sorts of crazy explosion endurance testing, but I wonder how it would hold up to a cycle crash? (If someone were to actually use it.)

    Oh well~


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    if you see 5 guys wearing these suits entering a bank ,they arent cops or soldiers .

    But they are about to be rich and get away laughing .


    looks cool ,when he got hit by the car and the tree trunk in his bear suit that was hilarious ,guess he'll be laughing all the way to the bank(snicker ) with these suits


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    At least he believes in what he is doing :
    In the end, this argument falls into the vanity arena. Which is more important: Your safety and comfort on a bike or what your friends think?

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    i think its a great idea...and i wouldn't be surprised to see it get picked up...the biggest problem is mobility
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    I doubt that any soldier would wear that fucking thing
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