Was anyone else out riding today?
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Thread: Was anyone else out riding today?

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    Was anyone else out riding today?

    I went for a ride from Delta to English Bay and around Stanley Park today, the weather was great, traffic sucked as usual. There were sure a lot of cops around, though. Passed a couple of speed traps, and had a cop car behind me for a while. Nothing like the first nice day in a while to get them all out filling their quotas.
    It was sure a great day to be out!
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    I can't get out of my driveway/side street because it's packed with black ice, slush and frozen ice
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    bunch "o" bikes
    Seen lots of bikes on saturday. guy on a cx500, gals on scooter, few cruisers, few sport bikes to name a few. all around coquitlam.
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    well martina's ride was on Saturday. Went up S2S partway, lougheed mall, carter honda and Starbucks.

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