Ninja 636 radiator question
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Thread: Ninja 636 radiator question

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    Ninja 636 radiator question

    Am new to the world of Ninja and am seeking some words of wisdom. I bought an 03 636 with a damaged radiator. Per the parts fiche at Bike Bandit the part number for an 05 is the same as for an 03. I found a really nice 05 rad on EBAY, went to install it and found it is different. The 05 rad does not have a bung for the temperature sending unit. Does anyone know if there is a plugged off port somewhere on the engine the sending unit could go into instead? Is there any sort of fitting available that would accept the sending unit and that could be spliced into the rad hose? Would a radiator shop be capable of welding the 04 bung onto the 05 rad? Anybody have an 03 rad for sale? Other ideas?


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    usually its better just the get the right part, in my opinion, i should have an 03-04 rad available.
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