Pacific Raceways - Getting Reno'd
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Thread: Pacific Raceways - Getting Reno'd

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    Pacific Raceways - Getting Reno'd

    Sounds like Pacific Raceway is planning on a large expansion, including a spectator bridge, track layout changes (turn 1-2 area), a gas station, and this has to be the best part.... garages! Guess I'd still end up on the tarmac tho...
    Nice to see. Too bad BC is so lacking.

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    They're paving the track in August too I do believe.

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    Pretty cool stuff.

    Where they are putting the drag strip, they are digging out and selling enough gravel to almost pay for the whole face lift.

    I heard this from a track official at the NHRA event there in July, while complaining because my dad was sitting on the starting line waiting for the sun to cool down going into 4th rd and having the air temp dropping like mad and having to wing the dial in settings. rant over.

    Good idea.
    Im trying to find a piece of land on a couple million barrels of oil, then i will build a bike track on it and let the oil pay for it.

    Free entry fees anyone?

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    Looks really good! Nice to see an almost world class track in the North West

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    And they've added an AMA Supermoto round this year!!!!!!!
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    It's the same cost (cheaper if I ride) to go to Port Angeles as it go to Tswassan from Victoria. The ride to Kent is really nice too. I can't think of a single reason to go to Mission from the island. Except to squeeze in an extra day of track riding.

    I'd like to head down to Pacific for the AMA Supermoto round this year too. How are they setting up the track for the SUMO guys?

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    There building a specific kart and sumo track at Pacific.
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