K I got a lots of stuff for sale:

2000 TLR 1000- Goodridge SS Lines front (new)- $80
2000-2003 gsxr 750 - Carbon Fiber solo tail (used/new, never mounted) - $200
2001.5-2003 GSXR 750 - Yosh EMS (used, same as power commander) - $100
2000 TLR - Undertail - unpainted (white) new- $80
2000 TLR - Rear Hugger - (Painted Yellow) new -$100
93-97 GSXR 1100 - Yosh Rearsets (fixed, not adjustable) New - $300 (very hard to get)
93-97 GSXR 1100 - Vortex Top Fork yoke - New - $120
93-97 GSXR 1100 - Solo Race Tail (super light, )used but 9/10 - $200 (ebayed from UK, I am taking a big loss on that one)
96-97 GSXR 750 parts..... you name it I got it, except minto body work stuff
Mostly race spare stuff, but I have a crashed out street bike (front ender )so there is a :
Motor- 97
Full Yosh stainless - 1 skuff on the middle of the pipe
Race bodywork galore
Wheels (front and rear, I set and and extra front)
Rear subframe
Calipers, front and back
Frame (99) no swinger, no papers
Yeah thats about it

PM me.........

I'll throw up some pics of the new stuff later, the used stuff....nah I'm not taking pictures of all that, its not junk and it's not mint.....Th srad stuff is all good, I justdon't want to do all the work I thought I would. enough there to almost do a whole bike I would say, a race bike for sure.