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    Question Scooter Theft

    I'm in the market to buy a scooter to get me to and from the train station for when I start school in July.
    I was wondering what kind of numbers there are for scooters being stolen in general? What kind of things would I have to do to keep my scooter from being stolen? Because the last thing that I want is to put down a grand or two just to have the scooter stolen while I'm in Vancouver learning.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    You dont hear much about scooters getting ripped off. But for the most part, they're really light and wouldn't be too tough to scoop up. There isn't too much you can do with them besides maybe a lock around a post or something secure to the ground if you can.

    And go for a BW50 if you can, assuming you dont have your bike license.

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    I havent heard of any scooter's being swiped.

    Of course that may be because people are ashamed of admitting they own one.

    j/k ( kinda ; )
    In the end, this argument falls into the vanity arena. Which is more important: Your safety and comfort on a bike or what your friends think?

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    Why ride between train stations only when you can ride to the actual destination?

    Scooters are very fuel efficient and probably cost you less than paying for the train rides.
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanmonkeee View Post
    You dont hear much about scooters getting ripped off.
    For some reason, I do. I know a mechanic who had two stolen and my friend had two taken as well. With my friend's last scooter, someone cut the chain that attached it to a post and likely threw it into a van or the back of a truck.

    Keep in mind that any vehicle can be a target for thieves.

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    With the current popularity of scooters I tend to think that leaving it in a public place like that would be an open invitation to get it stolen at some point during the season.

    If you don't have far to go then get a crappy but nice under the chips bicycle and lock that up at the station.

    Or if you still want the scoot then see if you can find a gas station, garage or other place where you can park it in a more secure manner or at least where it's being watched that is close to one of the skytrain stations and just agree on some cheap price for the season to make it worthwhile.
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