Radar detector detector???
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Thread: Radar detector detector???

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    Radar detector detector???

    WTF??? I though tthis was a joke but it is for sale on ebay....do they make a radar detector detector detector??


    Technisonic Interceptor VG-2 RDD Radar Det Detector VG2

    You are bidding on (one) VG-2 RDD, radar detector detector

    Technisonic Industries Ltd., Canada

    Tested and working.

    This is the model widely used by police departments to detect motorists using a radar detector in their vehicle. Gives both a visual and audio signal to indicate the presence of a radar-detection devise. Control knob to adjust devise sensitivity. DC connector plugs into cigarette lighter.
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    OPP use this device as radar detectors are illegal in Ontario.

    They'll getchya!
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    Yep. The VG2 is quite old though, and it won't pick up most modern detectors
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    My Radar, Bell 995 alerts and shuts itself off if there is a Radar Detector Detector.

    I wonder if there is going to be a radar detector detector detector?

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    Lol, like in that really bad made for DVD movie.

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