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    Thanks Kamloops Yamaha

    Kudos .

    Thanks Snapperhead, WillyDarrin (WD40 ) and everybody else at Kamloops Yamaha for organizing the trip to the Abbottsford Motorcycle Show last week. It was a blast.
    Darn, there was green grass in Vancouver and people were riding their bikes to the show. I have between two and three feet of snow on my lawn, life isn't fair.
    Btw, I still don't know how long you guys had to wait for me in Merritt while I was working my way through the Less-than-10-items-fast-lane at Coopers. Sorry about that, It won't happen again next year .

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    Hey it was fun, glad you had fun (Snapperhead get's the credit for the trip as I just show up and do what I'm told!).
    Oh, and that was Hope not Merritt and it wasn't too bad we just didn't know which one you went to.

    Not to worry, soon "We shall ride!"
    Hello all you beautiful people!

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