First off: Don't reply to me as this is NOT my bike ? Markus can be reached at or 250 878-6582 This bike was a ICBC claimed bike and has a R title, if you'r scared from that please go somewhere else and shop for more $. This bike has been carefully maintained and rebuilt for Markus to ride , so no corners were cut in the process. The bike had minimal damage when purchased from ICBC , damages included slightly bent front wheel,scrached fork(replaced 2 of them) right side pannel was also rashed and replaced with a Ebay pannel, bar end was replaced,solo seat cover has a small scratch in it still, but still works just fine. Bike has 12,000 kms comes with a Race Fit stainless Moto GP style exhaust ($1200) integrated signals with LED bulbs. This bike is fast ,clean, and well sorted in the suspension department. 400 kms on rear tire dunlop 207 gp and the price is $8.000 unless you want to pay more ?