I do not see many replies in this forum for WTB, but I will try anyways. I am looking to buy a starter bike. I have had a bike before, about 12 years ago I had a Ninja 600. I am looking for something in the same range and size. I am partial to the GSXR's or R6's. I am open to anything, as long as it is in the right price range, and can pass an insurance inspection. I am a mechanic, so a bike which requires some work should not be an issue. I would like to stay in the 600cc range for this bike, and maybe next year I can upgrade to a 750 or 1000. Who knows, maybe the 600 will suffice, as the last bike I had was a 1997 or so, so I am sure the newer bikes are much faster than the Ninja was.

I am looking for 1990+, no 80's bikes wanted, only 1990 and newer. 600cc range sportbike, might consider sport touring also, but probably want sportbike instead. Looking for a $3000-$4000 price range, will consider GOOD bikes up to $6500. PM me, or email tadpohl@hotmail.com