Kawa GPZ400 Finding articles/reviews...near impossible... can anyone help?
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Thread: Kawa GPZ400 Finding articles/reviews...near impossible... can anyone help?

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    Kawa GPZ400 Finding articles/reviews...near impossible... can anyone help?

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to bikes, and currently shopping for my first. My hopes have been set on a GS500E or EX500 but they've both (especailly the former) have been elusive, so my attention was caught by a '85 Kawasaki GPZ 400... looks good, sounds like all works been done, low km, and a decent price... went to look up background information, reviews, articles, basically ANYTHING on the bike...and I can't find nothing...so can someone help? What do you all know out there about the GPZ 400?
    I'll definately be going to take a look (I'm 6'2 and 170 lbs so I'm worried about fit...) but I want to have a list of questions, and things to look for... so any help you wiser guys can offer would be great
    thanks for the help =D

    oh, and where do you guys go to research information on different types of bikes? specs, reviews, the likes?


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    Grey bike, sold in Japan, not here. Hard to get parts for. Frame is slightly different than the Ninja 600 sold here, and so is the motor. Some of the consumables like oil and air filters are probably the same.

    The frame was known for it's quicker steering geometry than the 600.

    Because the bike's 16-17 years old at least, some if not all of the rubber bits like hoses, seals, gaskets, etc. will have to have been replaced.

    In short, if you buy it, and anything major happens to the motor or the frame it's disposable, you won't be able to repair it easily. It's particularly nasty when it's something like a torn rubber carburetor bit that's gone and you can't find a replacement for it at any price without going to Japan or Australian markets.

    They were imported for probably $3k, marked up a k or so and then sold to the public.

    I'd pass.

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    had a 1983 gpz 305 ran great nice and light but for your size and weight im thinking no.never had a 400.I enjoyed it for a little while you will out grow it fast.The computer modual went its 400 bucks.great for insurance,high red line,great starter bike......again older not so common means looking for parts.
    good luck

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