Not bad for a 74 year old great grandmother
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Thread: Not bad for a 74 year old great grandmother

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    Not bad for a 74 year old great grandmother

    For the year of 2006, Ardys Kellerman won the BMWMOA mileage contest
    for women by riding 80,131 miles in 6 months.
    She not only won the woman's contest, but also had the highest overall
    mileage for both men and women!

    Michael and I both have the priviledge of knowing Ardys, she has competed in 3 Iron Butt Rallies.

    So let's look at these week in women's riding

    Sheila rides 100,000 miles in a year (documented) and now Ardys turns 80,000 in 6 months.
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    That's an awesome accomplishment. I hope that I'll still be riding a fraction of that mileage when I'm that age! Right now I can't get the time to do the kind of long distance touring that I aspire to.
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    I suck.
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    I give up. I'm selling my bike and gear to someone who might actually use them. There are clearly some people out there who are serious about riding. I thought I was one of them, once; now I know better.

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