Finally, a proper hybrid!
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Thread: Finally, a proper hybrid!

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    Finally, a proper hybrid!

    I... er... fall down a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Love View Post
    Sweet, its got a seat!

    That thing looks like a blast. I don't know how you would set up the suspension on that though - trials suspension settings are ridiculous compared to a normal trail bike. Doesn't look like the guy is having too much difficulty though
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    Not being a trials bike rider... Can you explain how this bike is different from trials bikes before?


    I've seen a few trials bikes in recent memory that have seats. Not that common but the seat isn't new. Trials bike people I talk to think seats are for pussies.

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    I think that this one is like a modern version of bikes like the TY-250 from the 70's.
    I like it

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    That looks cool! Where ever he was riding looked fun too.

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    I always thought that an enduro bike with more of a trials flavour rather than a motocross bike toned down for trail riding would be a total blast. I'm sure the Scorpio will be expensive enough for me to not get one but if I win a Lotto then one of these would be on my new bike list for sure.
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    One nasty woods bike ,does it all by the look of things .

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