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Hey guys well me and Tommy just got back from the London bike show in England and what a blast it was lots of fun .. met some cool people sold some suits and checked out some really old school churches... i'm sure you guys will mock me but we had to do it .. we made a rossi replica suit and they had the bike there so we had to take a couple pics with it also Tommy Hill from BSB was there as well as James Tosland from WSB and Leo Haslam from BSB.. Tommy came over to our booth for a bit and we might get him in a PSi suit is 2008 but we'll see! anyways laugh away! oh yaaa andd that was one of his actual bikes... the gear shifter paint was all worn off.. but i'm pritty sure any motogp bike at a bike show would be real.. i dout they'd make a M1 just for bike shows.. there worth like a ton .. the M1 had a sign by it and said it was worth 500,000 pounds which is like .. 1.5mill or something..