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    SV650s Tires

    Hey its time to replace the tires on my ride.

    My Sv650s has a Battleaxe and Im looking to go to Pilot Powers or Pilot Sport. Which would be a better tire to use since I am riding year round (Rain/Snow) (Powers or Sports)?

    I ride year round but I hit it hard through the corners during peek riding season. I was looking at the 180's but Im not to sure if I want to get that aggressive. Maybe a 160/170. Any takers? I searched the site but didnt get a whole tonne of info on tires for Sv's.

    Any tips would be great.

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    First off I would forget the idea of running a 180 on the rear. The rim is a 4.5" that will not accomodate a 180. A 160 will give you all the tire you need for street riding. I drag hard parts on the track using a 160 series tire.

    Ive used the Pilot Sports, Bridgestones and Pirellis. If you go with Michelin the Sports will last a lot longer but do not have the ultimate traction of the Powers. The Bridgestones suck ( imo ) and the Pirelli's top them both. The Pirelli Diablo is an excellent tire for all round use and will be great for all but the most hardcore twisties. If performance at the max is what you are after I would suggest you go with the Diablo Corsa.

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    I thought the Powers replace the Sports in their lineup? So they only have Power and then the Road model.

    Lots of folks thing that wider means more aggresive but it just ain't so. For motorcycles the compound of the tire has far more to do with the grip. And as mentioned by S'eddie you MUST match your tire width to the rim width or handling feel and usually outright grip suffers.

    Besides an SV doesn't have the shear HP to require the higher power handling of a tire wider than a 160.

    Anyhow, I'd suggest the sport tires just for the feel they give the bike. Riding in rain won't be a big problem since a rounded shape that motorcycle tires have are not so prone to hydroplaning.
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    Go for the Powers, they last just as long as the Sports...I've had both. I've got 5 track days and 4000+ km on my current set of Powers, and I'll get a couple months still out of them this year, and they are good enough to drag knee in the rain (on the track of course).
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    Powers get favourable reviews, and seem to last a reasonable length of time--an SV isn't going to eat tires like bigger bikes. If you want more mileage, you could go with the Pilot Road. I've got Roads on my bike, and they're just fine--decent in the rain, too.

    The Sport is just the old version of the Power.

    If that bike has stock suspension, start saving some $$ to address that--it'll make a huge difference to someone your size.
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