scott russel on the supermotard
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Thread: scott russel on the supermotard

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    scott russel on the supermotard

    at road atlanta, he won it!

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    Excellent that superman has made ANOTHER come back! Anyone remember the year he lowsided on the opening lap jumped back on started the bike up on the track and climbed his way from pretty much near the end of the pack to win!

    That was @#$% awsome. Good on that guy he needs a break!
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    HUUUUUMMMMMM? A retard on a Motard......that just might work!
    Don't get me wrong, I like Mr's judt his attitude that get's him in DEEP.

    And Ya do I rember that Daytona win........H20 in just under 2 da mannnnnnnnn,Scotty boy.
    Hope he does well......he's crazey enough to be good.
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    The guy takes it to the corner faster than any one I have ever seen
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    I used to love watching Scott Russel racin Team Green...I remember that race at daytona.....that was sweet!

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