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Thread: bags for 'small' sport bikes

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    Question bags for 'small' sport bikes

    My bike has no place to carrry anything, so I'm wondering about getting a tank or rear seat (if you can call it that!) bag. Anybody else have one that doesn't look too dorky? I'm getting tired of riding around with a pack all the time, and next season I'd like to commute to work and take my work clothes with me on my bike, not my back!

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    Carol, I toured extensively on a Hawk, saddle bags, tail pack and tank bag. Wasn't pretty, but it can be done. The saddle bags were Chase-Harper, and they fit quite fine. The tail pack is Wolf and it worked great. That is a great bike, wish I'd never sold mine. Hope you are enjoying the nimble handling.

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    I have a regular size Joe Rocket tank bag, you can remove the top part and have just a small tank bag. I don't find it too big but I guess it looks a bit like a camel though. It stays on fine, it was about $75. Both halves have a clear map pocket, and reflective zipper tags, and the side J R logo's are reflective too. The large part has built in backpack straps, and comes with other shoulder straps as well.

    Have a look ---->
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    thanks, folks! I'll check your ideas out.... and yes, Debbie, I really enjoy the nimble handling Fun Fun Fun!

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    I used to have a little Ninja 250, and my single compartment Teknic tank bag fit nicley on the tiny tank.

    It had three clips that held it on, and a foamy anti-scratch pad on the bottom. It even had a zipper underneath that makes me believe it could zip onto another style of bag to bake a big one.

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