TRE with Fuel Injected Bikes
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Thread: TRE with Fuel Injected Bikes

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    TRE with Fuel Injected Bikes

    So I have done my research and no how timing retard works on newer bikes. I have a 2000 GSXR 750 with 20000km and a D&D slip-on pipe. I have dabbled in drag racing a bit in the past on a 98 ninja and I used to be able to launch on one wheel. I cant do that on my lighter and more powerful GSXR. I rev it to like 5000-6500 rpm, launch and it quickly lifts the nose a hair and then drops and sort of kills the power until you are safely on your way. It is anoying being that I have many years riding experience. Is this effect normal with a fuel injection and Timing retard? If so its almost idiot proof for newbees. Would be nearly impossible to flip from a start. How do guys drag race a stock bike, with this effect?

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    I would assume that those bothered by it use an eliminator.. T.R.E.
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    I have a "plug and play" TRE for bike for sale make me an offer.
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    I bought one off of Check out or gsxr.comfor more infomation on T.R.E.s

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