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    F440 Break through

    Looks like we are officially green lit over at the F440 track. Owner's insurance carrier gives us the blessing to go ahead with our CMRC insurance and plans.

    Prices for our F440 are still TBD. He mentioned that he liked having us there and wants to try to keep it affordable.

    I have March as the practice track start date, but I feel that may be too early. So we may end up pushing that to May-ish. Thoughts...

    We also spoke about a couple of options for memberships:
    -To start with there will be a RPM membership of $50. This will apply to everyone who would like to ride F440 or any of the RPM races. I am hoping we get enough members to cover the F440 insurance for the year, it's going to be tight. The membership will be good for a year and will cover all events, practices and races. There will be additional charges per race class and admissions.
    -F440 will charge us X amount for RPM practice nights (once a week)
    -Option to purchase an unlimited membership for a bit more (ride anytime)
    -Option to pay as you go (drop in fee each time you ride).

    We will be hooking up a Pay Pal account for the RPM website very soon. So people will be able to pay the RPM membership fees directly there online.

    It's a work in progress but I think we are getting there.

    Unfortunately, not to many of the big money companies or manufactures are stepping up to help out with this series. Maybe I should say none of them have stepped up. We will be leaning on the community and local shops now more than ever. So if you own or work at a shop, or if you want to get in on the sponsorship program to help us make this series work, go to the RPM website or PM me.


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    Awesome news Gas! Great work!


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