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    Interior Riders

    I thought there was a section for Interior or Island riders, but I must be wrong (can't find it). Anyways, I'm planning to move to Kelowna/Westbank possibly in April/May. How's the area for riding, any nice roads to ride? Also, I ride a 600rr, so is there a Honda stealership for services, etc? Even if I don't move out there permanently, i still come out that way a couple of times a summer for work/pleasure. I need to come out there in late March/early April for a survey trip (I'm looking at relocating my painting business) If anyone would be up for a ride then just post up or pm me. Thanks

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    If you do come up here check out There are group rides all the time once the weather starts to turn and I'm sure someone will show you the local roads.
    The honda dealership in Kelowna is called M&M Performance, found here
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    The okanagan is great for riding cause they actually have twisty roads unlike the lower mainland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steel View Post
    I thought there was a section for Interior or Island riders, but I must be wrong (can't find it).
    Heh here ya go bro,

    As for nice roads, ya, theres a tonne of em. PM me when ya come up if ya want, it should be good 'nuff by that time to take ya on some of the more pleasurable roads. Lived here all my life so there isnt a road around the OK that hasnt had the pleasure of me rip'n it up.
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    RR for the local riding scene

    for any service, no matter what you ride, goto Kelowna Yamaha. My 600RR goes there.

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