Sportsman tires?
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    Sportsman tires?

    I've been thinking about going out for some SM practice nights at Sarratoga speedway this spring before committing to 17" wheels. I still want to do some dirt roads and drive it to work at Mt. Washington. I was wondering what you think of the Avon Distanza's? I also see they have some marked radial, which is better? Also should I go with a 140 rear? Any comments welcomed. Thanks in advance.

    Cheers RoscoeP
    ps. I probably won't do any racing but who knows?
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    Get the stickiest things you can find that will fit your wheels. Don't go to wide for your rim in the back or your tire will stand tall and have a smaller contact patch in the corners. Go for as much contact patch or a 100% pavement tire if you can find that. You will be suprised how well dot street tires on big moto wheels actually work. Your brakes will be a bigger concern but you will have a riot regardless and want to get 17's shortly.
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    The Distanzias are not all that good on gravel. On hard packed dirt they are always reported to stick well but they ain't no knobbies. As soon as it gets soft or marble'y they'll start slipping. That stuff is knobbie country. But for road and some light duty dirt they are supposed to work well. For your stock wheel sizes stick with the non radial types since your front will be bias ply if it's a 21.

    I've done some track time on my DR that has the Avon Roadrunner front and Super Venom rear and that combo sticks really well. THis was confirmed when someone I can't keep up with rode my bike and came back saying that she loved the tires. That was Kim Reid who does very well at the mini road racing.
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