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    KTM car revealed
    By: Chris Newbigging

    KTM has unveiled a finished version of its very first car, the X-Bow.

    Based around a 2.0 litre turbo-charged Audi engine, the X-Bow is a lightweight road legal track car that’s just as extreme as KTM’s bike range.

    It doesn’t have a roof, windscreen, or any of the luxuries you would usually expect in a car – not even an airbag or doors!

    The X-Bow has been developed with help from car giant Audi and car chassis expert Dallara.

    KTM openly admit this car isn’t about being practical in any way – much like KTM bikes it’s about an extreme driving experience on track and on road.

    It makes a claimed 220bhp, and it only has to push 700kg of race car carbon fibre chassis, suspension and brakes, so it should provide a lot of entertainment (for a car, anyway…).

    Another version with 300bhp is in development, but initially a production run of just 100 cars will be built at Dallara’s Geneva factory.

    These cars will be fitted with parts as standard that will only be available as extras in later productions runs.

    The first cars will have higher spec wheels, a limited slip differential, a Formula 1 style steering wheel, carbon bodywork and adjustable suspension. More lower spec cars will be produced in 2008.

    The first run will cost 40,000 Euros (around £27,000), and the lower spec cars are likely to be closer to £20,000.
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    It reminds me of the Ariel Atom.
    It uses the a Honda Vtech 220hp powerplant and weighs in at 456 Kgs for the non supercharged model.
    I'd rather have the Atom.

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