The "way" you ride.....
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Thread: The "way" you ride.....

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    The "way" you ride.....

    So here is an interesting question for you....Do you have a riding philosophy? What are some of the things that influence the "way" you ride?
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    I've deleted one post already (Vetteboy). Let's please keep the trolling to the HBD forum as more threads are actually trying to be serious.
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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    I just like to ride, it's a good way to forget your troubles and feel like you're free and disconnected from the world, but I don't get off on it as much as some other people here claim to.

    However, lately I REALLY yearn to ride and I'm looking forward to it more than anything, but I wouldn't consider my style towards riding "philosophical".
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    i just ride. i don't really think about it.
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    Always 100% concentration, if I've been drinking won't even consider suiting up.

    That being said I always suit up, leathers, gloves, back protector, and hard armour.

    No Ipods or distractions.

    Always check the ride once over, ritualist with the tire pressures, make sure the tools are on the bike and pack a lunch, since fast food is shite.

    Only have one person I ride with, cause I trust him with my life, but I prefer solo riding.

    I never ride the city, canyons call my name consistently.

    I don't drink coffee so you'll NEVER find me at a "Starbucks". Just not my cup of tea.....

    Riding is my Zen, best way for me to unwind besides working on bikes....But I hate riding in the rain call me what you will, there is no shame in being a fair weather rider.

    I did all the crappy weather riding when I was a noob. I think 26 years of riding earns you the right to be fair weather rider.

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    I have always been interested in sports and activities that require my 100% attention. The certain level of danger is pretty cool too. Only scuba diving gives me the same rush that riding does.

    There is nothing like riding with a group of good friends that you know and trust with miles of twisty roads ahead of you. Thats what keeps me riding and yearning to get out there.

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    Nothing much dictates how I ride.
    I simply try to ride the bike, and that's it. I don't approach it any other way.
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    Big Stick
    100% concentration!

    Everything dictates how i ride: weather, road conditions, traffic, other riders (if in a group ride).......

    Typicaly I dislike group rides. More so when i dont know any of the other riders. There is only 1 rider i trust 100% while riding with him, and its cuz we know eachothers riding stlye, its almost as if we know what we eachother will do, or is going to do with out and kind of comunication.

    I try to keep the playing down to a minum or atleast in a safe no traffic area. Just try to ride smart...thats about it.

    oh yeah and I ride squid.....sometimes. Obviously i feel way more comfortable when in full gear.

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    Riding is constantly being aware that you're 'in the moment'. Even if it means that you're blasting through twisties thinking about picking up your dry cleaning or your kid's piano recital yet hitting every apex perfectly.

    You'll listen to some pro racers talk about being at their limits, yet their minds are drifting off into abstract thoughts and their body is functioning almost autonomously.

    With all that said, I never ride more than 70% of my abilities on the street and I consider that every other vehicle, person, animal in the bushes and fellow motorcyclist on the road as trying to kill me.
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    Curb the addiction and feel alive. Get out and live life, enjoy the environment around me (rain, sun, cold, warm, scenic, city), the road, the company and forget about or dwell on my troubles, contemplate the meaning of life.. and of course, pose at SB/TH. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Tattoodles
    ... I consider that every other vehicle, person, animal in the bushes and fellow motorcyclist on the road as trying to kill me.
    Bikes don't leak oil, they mark their territory. ~Author Unknown

    Black and red is the new blue!!

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    I ride for myself, to improve my skills, and for the sheer fun of it.
    Some people are like Slinkies ...
    Not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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    The way I ride? First off the only thing that dictates the way I ride is me. It is my judgement on all varibles.

    When alone I ride aggresivly, I won't lie. I like to pass on the highway whether I need to or not. If the hwy is baron, I love to get the bike up to speed quick here and there. I don't rip @ 200+ all the time but have been guilty of making it home from Scandia in Kelowna to VSS school in Vernon in 13 mins. A nice cruizing speed is 140ish, don't ask why, it's just second nature. And even then I'm not speeding all the time, just most of the time. Backroad twisties, I'm not so speed dependant. Nothing, even speed, compares to getting that bike tilted and drag'n a knee. Diving into tight rights and lefts leaves my mouth watering, heart pumping and my soul begging for more every single time..... I know I know "take it to a track" bah.... it is my track, and ya don't need to speed *much* to get that rush its very rare I speed excessivly on my runs. When I say excessive I don't mean the ICBC equiv of 20+kms I mean 40+kms over.

    When I'm with a buds/group or have a passenger? Very rarely will you find me in a big group unless it's the Nakusp run I plan once a year or meeting up with peps to get to SBW. I don't fuck around whatsoever. maybe 10-20 above posted limit, or pace'n with the group which sometimes calls for a lil bit of speed. There's some cool girl riders up here that I like to bulldog for, gotta watch my girls don't get harassed by dumb motorists. My theory is I wouldn't want anyone to be picking up my body nor me theirs so the KISafeS rule applies. Let's face it, an accident can happen so many ways then just speed or carelessness but with those two eliminated cuts down the rate enormously. This forum along with many others is proof of that.

    I love riding, been on a street bike now for what seems like forever, some 13-14 years now. I could never give it up for anyone or anything, it is a part of me, like water to a fish or squid So alone, ya I admit I'm a badass. Grp'd with friends I'm fairly conservitive. I like to ride and have fun in all styles. To risk my well being is my decision, to risk someone else's is not. Don't bother bashing or giving me the "safe riding lecture" either with the grp'd non-grp'd scene, you'd be wasting your time. Rotten lurking Safety Nazis.

    Is that what you were looking for Supergirl?
    Deer and rabbits are truly ICBC'S CREATURES. *shakes fist*
    It's not half as fun hating people as it as making them hate you........
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Flat2Many View Post
    To risk my well being is my decision, to risk someone else's is not.
    Well said.

    I'm a more cautious rider. I like riding, and I'd like to keep doing it.

    That said, the traffic laws are very obviously written more or less only with cagers in mind. My view of "safe" rarely coincides with ICBC's, unless it's raining. I DO lanesplit and ride on the shoulder from time to time, and I spend little time below the speed limit. That said, I tend to take corners comparatively slow, because I don't like the lack of visibility.

    IMO, trying to restrict bikes to the same speeds and spaces as cagers restricts safety rather than assisting it. Our speed, acceleration, and maneuverability are an essential part of getting OUT of trouble, just as much as they can potentially get us into it.

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    I aspire to "Smooth."
    That's one lesson that stuck during Reg Pridmore's CLASS.
    "First you get smooth, then you get fast."

    Of course, Jason Pridmore relating how he would double his dad on a BMW, and would get a smack on the side of the helmet every time an acceleration, braking or shifting transition was not as smooth as it could be.
    (I believe Reg owned San Jose BMW at about that time frame)
    Our class thought that was very funny, imagining a young Jason, getting "disciplined," in that way.

    He was the AMA 750 champ that one year, I recall.

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    If I followed my Dad's advice I'd be on a tractor right now.

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