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    Black Snake Moan

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    Haha. Given the poster and marketing (lack thereof, really), I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I entered the theatre for a preview screening last night. I was ready to experience a cheap deep South exploitation flick with a little horror thrown in (i.e. Gator Bait, Cabin Fever, Wrong Turn, Devils Rejects etc.).

    As it turns out, it was a fascinating study on self worth and relationships. A deep movie about finding/losing love, god, and family.

    Amazing Blues/Soul music as well. There is one scene in the movie with Samuel L. Jackson on his guitar, playing a song with the same name as the movie title. It gave me freaking goosebumps... You feel them. You smell them. You live them.

    Whoever did the marketing for this one messed up. I think too many people are going to get the wrong impression of this movie for the wrong reasons. Some will go because of them, but many will avoid the movie because of them.

    If you are into the blues, watching Samuel Jackson play a character with amazing depth, and Christina Ricci in a role that makes Courtney Love look like a Saint, then check this thing out!

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    is it really like that...

    i thought it was going to be like a comedy/drama of the south lol.
    i was going to see it becuase it looked kind of funny lol.

    i guess ill still go see it lol.
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    really sounds worth checking out.

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