02 Gixxer 750 Parts NEEDED
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Thread: 02 Gixxer 750 Parts NEEDED

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    Unhappy 02 Gixxer 750 Parts NEEDED

    Hey all, tryin to fix my 02 Gixxer 750. Front Cowling is totalled along with L.Fairing.
    Looking for: -Front Cowling/upper Fairing
    -Front Fendor
    -L-Air duct
    -Flush Mounts
    -Mounting Hardware
    -Front Brake Resv.
    -Guage mounting hardware?
    -Inner Left fairig

    P.S. Anyone with any help with this stuff, parts i missed, and installation advice would be great! Cheers~ Chase

    Also Looking for new riding gear...was a bad accident. Helmet, Leathers, Gloves, Boots. Im 6'2 210. Thanks again
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