We're Radicals In Canada!
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Thread: We're Radicals In Canada!

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    We're Radicals In Canada!

    Habeas Corpus is alive in Canada.

    For a while this was the lead story on the New York Times web page and it remains as one of the major articles.


    “The overarching principle of fundamental justice that applies here is this: before the state can detain people for significant periods of time, it must accord them a fair judicial process,” Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote in the ruling.

    What a crazy concept - the right to a fair trial. George W. and Alberto Gonzales must think we're nuts up here.

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    if this is about the recent releasing of a few men out east that have been held for years with no reason other than csis said they were a risk, i say too little to late...

    the u.s. can apply to have you extradited and it's off to timbuktu with you.


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