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    LCD monitor for a TV or ...

    use a HDTV for PC?

    Anyone using a LCD monitor for PC (i.e. computer) and as a TV?

    I thinking of more towards a LCD monitor rather than a HDTV 'cause of the poor HD programming in Canada.

    Your thougths...

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    I've hooked up my laptop to my TV a few times and it looks really good. Try and get a 1080p tv though.
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    What do you watch? Mostly DVDs? Mostly sports? Mostly American Idol?
    It really depends on the content and broadcast/recording quality.

    I tend to say bigger is better, so as a blanket statement would say a 1080p LCD to future proof yourself a little. I rarely use my home computer anymore, so I haven't upgraded from my 19" CRT on it. Nowadays it's wireless laptop in the living room/kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/etc. The caveat with a big tv is that all the content you downloaded illegally off the 'net will look like crap unless it's been recorded in at least 500kb/s quality.

    This post is simply the opinion of the poster and is not to be construed as instructions or advice. Your mileage may vary.
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    i have got a 28" lcd moniter/tuner that kicks ass. good for tv, not big enough to worry about HD(and i am cheap... basic cable... borrowed from the neighbors...), and the ultimate internet porn machine(just joking. kinda.).

    i have it on my desk in my room and use my laptop with a wireless keyboard/mouse. i can just close my laptop and stash it under my printer(i have a shelf thingy that it tucks under nice...), and use a basic computer speaker system with a subwoofer. my room kicks ass for movies!

    and then i can just switch over to cable and fall asleep with my remote.

    use the big ass plasma in the living room for serious movies. and hockey games.

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