Just bought a new M4 exhaust for my R6, selling the Scorpion. Its a high-mount, titanium, oval exhaust, sounds amazing - different from all the Yoshimura cans out there. Scorpion is the parent comapny of Akrapovic, so they've definitely got the quality right. These cans are popular in the UK, but a bit rare here, kind of nice to have something a little different. The can doesn't require repacking, or fuel remapping. It is really light, and sounds great; much deeper than most. Lots of soundclips available on the net.

All the factory mounting hardware is included, the titanium mid-pipe, as well as a fabricated mount I bought shortly before my new exhaust that should be even more stable. The exhaust is in great shape; no damage, scratches, dents or corrosion. I've taken the sticker off, but still have it (pictured) if you want to reapply it. These are pretty expensive exhausts, usually retailing for around $600 with the high-mount option in titanium. I want $300 for it.