Frame Sliders not Fitting
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Thread: Frame Sliders not Fitting

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    Frame Sliders not Fitting

    Hi There,

    I have a 04 Honda 599 with the F3 Engine and tried to install some frame sliders on it before this season begins. The Right side one fit in without a problem - just removed the old bolt and nut and replaced it with the new bolt (inside slider) and affixed the nut on the inside of the engine frame. The Left side wasn't so easy. The new bolt goes in but not far enough to affix the nut on the other side. There's still about 2 cm on the outside. I think once I removed the original bolt, the weight of the engine shifted downwards and now the bolt won't go in straight and through completely. I tried the original bolt and the same problem.

    Here's a picture of the Right side for reference. There's also a picture for the Left side but the resolution is weak:

    My questions are:

    1. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Can I somehow jack up the engine to lift it back straight?
    2. Is it safe enough to ride to a local shop with one side completely fastened and the other side with a bolt without a nut?

    Thank You.

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    I don't completely understand what your situation is but you can try jacking the motor up a bit until you see everything line up to where it was before. Then just thread in your new bolt with slider and you should be done.

    I would not suggest riding with a loose mount. That could put way to much stress on one side, especially if you hit a bump or something.
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