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Thread: Internet Slang/shortcuts

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    Internet Slang/shortcuts

    There have been a few comments made lately in various threads about the use of internet slang. (e.g. How r u 2day?) Here is a chance to put your gripes in one place!

    Personally I can't stand it. I will ignore posts that use it. I have just one word of advice for slangers: learn to type! If you can touch-type with any degree of proficiency you will never need that shortcut crap.

    I don't think there is any excuse for it, personally. Sure if you're 12 freakin' years old and your messaging on a cell phone with your little 12 year old friends, go right ahead. But you're not! You are presumably at least 16 years old, and you are using a f#$%ing keyboard. Grow up and learn to use the language properly.

    I know one guy on here has suggested that we don't "get" the slang because we haven't been on the internet long enough. Well I was using a 300baud modem to access a dial-up BBS before anyone even heard of the damned internet, and I've never been so lazy that I couldn't type out an entire word.

    And don't get me going on proper punctuation of a sentence.


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    oh oh it's my old english teacher hunting me down again! I'd better start typing gooder or else.
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    me fail english? that's unpossible...
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    Good call Cometman. It's all about the touch typing . . . feel the keyboard, be in the zone . . .
    Blah, blah, blah . . .

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    Frankly it's all bullshit. I won't read the "u r 2 4 l8r" posts..
    It takes so much longer to read them. "You" is much easier to read then "u"..etc.

    If you care about readability (and you should, since this is how your message gets across) you shouldn't be using the "shortcuts".

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    Originally posted by MavERICk
    me fail english? that's unpossible...
    Hahaha! That's hilarious! Ralphie is the funniestest!

    Anyways, as for internet shorthand it's not about being lazy or anything. It's just a matter of habit. I've been around since the BBS days before this "internet" thing showed up. Back then when you sent an e-mail or message through the BBS you were limited to x amount of characters. So, instead of sending two e-mails to, your friend you could cut it down and just go through the process of sending one if you just used fewer characters.

    This problem came up again back in the ICQ ice age when your messages could only be 350 characters. Using some simple shorthand you could cut two messages into one shorter one. ICQ was also not as reliable as it is today. There were numerous times when your messages would not go through. So if you sent two messages you were at a higher risk of one of the messages not going through. On top of that, sometimes you could be chatting with up to 5 or 6 people at a time and you really needed to type as fast as you can.

    Anyways, I've been using the keyboard since I was 8... Back when computers only had 128Kb of RAM instead of 128Mb. I got an A in English in high school, I was the fastest typer in grade 8 and I had the third highest mark in my COMM 1143 class at BCIT. I CAN use a keyboard and my english is probably a lot better than some people here who still can't differentiate between there, they're and their so it's not like I use shorthand because I'm lazy or incompetent. It's just become a habit.

    Don't read my posts if I use shorthand... It's not like I say anything worldy important. You don't have to get mad or upset though since it's not like I'm some cager that just cut you off. Just chill out and relax. There's plenty of posts to read here on BCSB that I'm not the author of.
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    So what is the next step? Ban contractions too? I count 9 of them Dean

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    yea, but it's sometime fun decoding's like playing that OLD tv game, bumper something? where you try to decode license plate into phrases...anyone remember that?

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    Wasn't it "Bumper Stumpers"?

    I am one for proper typing, and I agree with Miteorite; the shortcut versions sometimes do take a bit longer to read. Isn't this site a time-suck enough already, that we should waste even more time trying to figure what you're reading on it?

    I believe in "Technological Evolution". Since the requirement for limited words is virtually obsolete, let's take advantage of it and type our hearts out. Given that there is a definite limit on this board for each post, at 100,000 words per post, let's see you reach it.

    I say we should consider "phonetic Cantonese". What do you think?

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    ive seen ppl get carried away with the shorthand, but gimme a break. has this been gnawing at your brain so much that you had to write an essay about it? i dont think ive seen any posts here yet that have even bordered on 12-yr-old icq talk.

    that is all.

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    I agree with Cometman, and yes, Vertigo, there are a few on here who type like they're 12 year olds using ICQ.
    I find it beyond annoying, but I thought it was only a curse of my job. Good to know there are others out here who agree with me.
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    IMHO, the only things more annoying than internet shorthand is d00dish and its close FPS derived cousin, prison speak {ie I own3d j00 b10ch!!1}

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    ph34r my l337 sk1llz!!!

    i w1ll 0wn j00!!

    Ooooo... ahhh....
    Groovy baby

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    iT's SSOoo CoOOl wHEn pEoplE TalK LiKE thiS.

    I NomINAte "JOOR" aS tHe CoOlEst SaYing (read: dumbest) In the tEenAge worLD.

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