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    monkee Array
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    Daytona Riders

    Any other Daytona 675 owners on the board? Mine is still being brought it but it probably wouldn't hurt to know of a few others. So lets hear from ya! And thank god its raining. If it was sunny this wait would kill me.

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    Driving People Crazy Array nevagirl's Avatar
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    Got mine a couple of months ago

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    Howlin', Growlin', Snortin' Triple courtesy of Wolf Racing UK
    Good on ya! From all accounts you're gonna love it! Welcome to the world of triple cylinders...there's NOTHING like the sound of a triple in full wail...believe me, I know. I have a 1997 Triumph Daytona T595 with an underseat exhaust from Wolf Racing UK and that fucker is loud, mean and nasty...

    I shit myself every time I start it up...ENJOY !!

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