PS3 Sucks!!
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Thread: PS3 Sucks!!

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    PS3 Sucks!!

    ohh god i am still laughing...yeah 360
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    Very clever.
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    LOL! This is why I love the internet and sites like Youtube. Great stuff.

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    Big Stick
    yeah the ps3 really bit the big one................

    I just got my ps3 dev kit at work last week......guess how much it cost?????


    40 grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

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    what is a dev kit and why is it worth 40 grand?

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    Big Stick
    it's a development kit. It allows up to upload the latest version "build" of the game to test it.......Pretty much a pimped out ps3. The thing is massive, its 65-70 pounds.

    I have no idea why its so much money, thats what i was told it was worth by my team lead.

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