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Thread: scotts damper question

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    scotts damper question

    sorry guys, quick question. I just installed my Scotts damper tonight on my rc51, what a pain in the ass to source out a 41MM socket and adaptor.


    Is the damper supposed to make some sort of silent whirring rotary noise when handlebars turned left and right..

    I mean duh* it is a rotary damper with oil in it but in the instruction manual it says if it squeaks or make sounds something may be binding or something..

    So, the sound it makes when I turn the handlebars left and right isn't exactly a squeak, and the damper isnt binding at all, however... what do you guys think? Does your scotts damper make whirring rotary silent sounds? I just want to make sure its normal. (sounds kinda like the cable when you rapple off a building in a videogame like rainbow six lol.)

    Thanks people

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    I do not think it should be audible, and definitely not with your helmet on. I had one on my 929 and it was virtually silent; I could hear it a bit if I really had it cranked on to the point where I would have to muscle the bars left to right. But on a normal setting, they should swing back and forth easily and without noise.

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