New Rider Rides, Suggesstions and Guidelines
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Thread: New Rider Rides, Suggesstions and Guidelines

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    New Rider Rides, Suggesstions and Guidelines


    I've been requested to re-post this. This is a cumulative piece that some riders got together and wrote to help organize the Noob rides. No one says you have to follow them, but it's little things we picked up on organizing the 60+ riders at our events.

    Groups should be no bigger than 5 riders, Hopefully with a max of 2 newbs per group. This way each new rider has their own helper to coach them when needed

    Larger rides should be split up into smaller groups to avoid congestion. Each group should have a lag time between each other maybe start out 5 minutes apart. Each leader should lead at the same speed so the groups do no end up meeting each other on the roads. (This means, no more fast, moderate slow groups, the whole ride, is a newb ride, there's no need to repeat havoc we've seen in the past)

    Speed should be set at 10 km over the limit max. Riders will go slower then the limit, don't laugh it happens. If they're going too slow, at the earliest opportunity and explain that the riders need to ride at a speed consistent with the other traffic on the road. If they cannot keep up, either split them up from the group with a guide, or send them home. At no time should we as volunteers, attempt to take the role of an instructor. There's professionals for that, we're here to show everyone how fun riding can be. If they cannot go the speed limit, they are unsafe to the group, and should not be aloud to risk the safety of others. If one rider is slowing down the group, it puts the group at jeopardy. An angry cage is an unpredictable cage.

    Location, probably better to pick a location that has a few stops along the way to give better feedback to the riders. Squamish, didn't work out too well, it's nice to have a meeting place like that after, however the road is littered with construction now, plus the road is so long, there's things that the sweepers forget to talk about once we get to the destination... Kind of counter-productive if you ask me


    Leaders will be an experienced rider. He/she will set the pace to maintain the same speed as the rest of the highway traffic and initiate any maneuvers.

    Passing – Passing sometimes is necessary and should be initiated by the leader, however the sweeper should be the first to move into the other lane to block traffic from entering the group. Having an experienced rider in the middle of the pack will ensure a sweeper stays behind in case the group does get split up

    Under no circumstances should the leader initiate any maneuvers unless he/she is 100% sure that the rest of the group will be able to complete it.

    If the group does get separated, pull over and wait for the rest of the pack.


    Sweepers have the most difficult job, you'll have to defend the group from aggressive cars, and watch the newbs for bad habits.

    Makes sure the newer riders are down shifting before the corner. Many riders enter the corner with not enough rpm to power out of the turn properly, and force themselves to change their line accordingly, or worse down shift mid corner.

    Make sure they hold their line properly, this is usually due to poor throttle control or improper gear (transmission, not jackets and helmets ).

    Check your mirrors, make sure nobody is riding your ass that might be a danger to the group.

    Hand signals are important, however let's not emphasize too much on it. Make sure they're shoulder checking before lane position changing, which is, in my opinion, far more important than signaling.

    -----New riders----

    Show up with good gear if possible, you won't be made fun of if you don't have full gear though. Most importantly, You are responsible for your own safety. If you make a mistake, no leaders or sweepers can be found at fault for not paying attention to your mistakes.

    Ride safe, be aware. If you're not used to drinking coffee, Starbucks caffeine can affect your riding, skimp out until you have no caffeine buzz.

    Be willing to accept criticism, we're not going to cut you down, we want you to be a better safer rider. The fact that you're coming to a newb ride shows great promise in your future of riding.

    Please feel free to add anything that I've missed. For leaders and sweepers, I'd like a few years of experience with group riding. Or if only one year, but you have more than 20,000km, then should be ok too.
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    Please, No flaming in this thread. It is for valid suggestions / comments Only.
    All derailments will be deleted promptly.

    There is lot's of good information in here. Please let's keep it useful and expand on a good thing.
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    thanks i have already taken a look and printed if off for reference. it is really helpful !!!
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    i like this

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    im going to pass this on thank you

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    great post i'm gonna make sure to link to this one for the island site.
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    Resurface this for new riders and reminders!
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    I came to this thread through the sticky'd link at the top of the New Rider forum.

    What I think might be helpful is a documented list of 'newb friendly' places to ride. This is not to take anything away from what slingshot has going on - there's atleast 4 other threads to discuss that, but what I think might be helpful if people could post up specific sections or road, or routes (ideally with maps) that are simple enough for new riders to navigate, yet aren't 22 straight miles of straight lines. Quick ones that come to mind are:

    Hwy 7 from Mission to Harrison
    Hwy 9 from Sumas to Sedro Woolley
    The road past Cultus Lake, past the lake, and around the loop and back northward past the lake
    Adjoined to the Cultus loop, Majuba Hill Road is a nice one (watch for loose gravel)
    Sylvester Road from Hwy 7 through to Cascade Falls

    I can categorize into longer rides and shorter rides maybe.....

    Longer rides:
    Hwy 9 to Sedro-Woolley then left on 20 through Diablo to Winthrop
    Sough Skagit Road

    I'll get some maps going when I have a bit more time, but if you want to post any more up, or discuss, go for it and I'll keep a running list updated on my post, so it shows up on the first page of this thread.

    Obviously has a number of them listed too, but I thought this might be helpful for the newb's.

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    These are rides that I did last year (1st year riding), or plan to do this year

    Mission backroads:
    Name:  Mission Backroads.jpg
Views: 287
Size:  140.0 KB

    Blaine Loop:
    Name:  Blaine-Blaine.jpg
Views: 289
Size:  106.6 KB

    Duffy Loop:
    Name:  Duffy.jpg
Views: 289
Size:  129.8 KB

    Winthrop and beyond loop. Havent tried this yet. It would be a 2 day trip
    Name:  Wintrop Loop.jpg
Views: 291
Size:  126.2 KB

    There is also Baker and a bunch of good roads around hwy 9 in WA. Just go explore, but make sure you have full tank of gas so that you are not stuck somewhere haha.
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    Here's a very classic website with some very classic rides

    Baker, or more than 1 day does not mix with new riders.
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    One person asked if I could post links to the maps above. Hopefully these work:

    Mission back roads:
    Blaine Loop:
    Duffy Loop:
    Winthrop and Beyond:

    Hopefully these work and can be viewed by everyone.

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