Is there a database for stolen bikes?
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Thread: Is there a database for stolen bikes?

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    My what?

    Is there a database for stolen bikes?

    I was just thinking last night that with all the supermoto and dirtbike stuff that is happening around here these days, how does a prospective buyer check for a bike being stolen? It easy with a bike with a registration, but what about the hundreds of dirtbikes for sale in the buy & sell and on craigslist? As we all know, a thief will take an 82 cr250 just as fast as he will take an 03 wr426 if he can get a buck for it. So, is there a website people can check or a phone number to call? or do you just call the police and give them the serial number.

    I hope the answers that people give help someone feel better about their dirtbike purchase.
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    There is a new website put up by a VPD officer in his spare time where you can register items (description, VIN, etc.) and it is linked to your DL (no other personal info). No one can see the database except for officers and certain special users. If an officer sees something fishy, s/he can quickly refer to the website and see if the items belongs to said person or not. This is supposed to act to a preemptive measure instead for things that can't really be insured (bicycle for instance).

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    so whats the website addy?

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    you can also run vins, serial numbers or plates at

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    None right now...
    I've tried to keep a stolen bike registry current on the BCSB Wiki, but haven't seen any new stolen bikes lately to add to it (not that that's a bad thing...).
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