Has anyone heard of emachineshop?
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Thread: Has anyone heard of emachineshop?

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    Has anyone heard of emachineshop?


    Looks like it has potential.

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    I tried their CAD download. What a piece o' crap.

    The idea is good and at least they provide a stripped down easy to learn and use CAD for the masses but I sure hope they can work with a drawing from a decent CAD.

    But the basic idea is a good one. CNC for the masses... but at what cost?
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    None right now...
    I've heard of them, but didn't realize you need to use their program to design your parts.

    I like Protomold (www.protomold.com) for injection-molded parts. They'll take files from normal programs, too, like Solidworks or Autocad.
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    Question Online Machine Shop !!!!

    Myself and our cnc programmer were Just looking at there site , Good concept , Might be worth it if you were getting batch quantities Made , Still I would want to actually see the Shop that was makeing my part's,
    We use MASTER CAM . It works well for us ,We Have a 5 Axis Machining centre an A Cnc Lathe with Live tooling . It would be interesting to Have them Quote on Some parts , I have some Batch work comeing up so I Might get a quote just out of Curiosity.

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    try mfgquote.com
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