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    Individual pistons!? Wow. Since I'm at a certain stage in my life where I have a lot of time (i.e. quit my last job) believe it or not I'm going to try putting this thing together. For anyone else crazy enough, the index page has assembly pictograph links at the bottom.

    edit: here's a link with other yami models:

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    Big Stick
    i posted this about a year or so ago.......

    I still havent made it yet.

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    Any other models/makes?

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    wow. 14 pages of printing, cutting, and dedication. This would take all day to build... then once it is done here comes kitty to play with his new toy.

    Any finished pictures?

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    That's quite would be very impressive to see someone put on together......Good luck frontside5
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    Sell in on ebay to some sucker.
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    Way cool! I, too, have a lot of time on my hands, sitting up in northern Alberta watching the snow fly, while the daffodils bloom back home... Maybe I'll give it a shot... Think you just use regular paper or what? (My Japanese is a little rusty... )

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    I think I'll just stick to plastic display models instead.
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    Buy some of the light card stock that you'd use if you were printing wedding invitations on your computer. It's about the same thickness as cheap business cards.

    Use lots of different diameters of wires or screwdriver blades to curl the cut out pieces around to form the paper smoothly.

    And a bucket full of tranqualizers will help a lot.
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    I made one of these. The concentration and focus necessary to sit there for untold hours cutting the pieces out is crazy - I used an extra-fine blade thumb Olfa. Then you have to fold, not sure if you can picture how carefully all those tabs need to be creased in order to maintain a quality edge to the model pieces. Gluing is the final stage, basically you need surgeon's hands and glue application on a microscopic level.

    At least if you fuck up (and you will) you can just print out the same page again and redo a piece. Cutting it very tricky, I used normal weight paper sitting on a soft logbook, it was about the best possible method but you overcut very easily when your view is obstructed by your fingers.

    Papercraft is fun but I was doing all this at work - it would be madness to spend those hours of your own time doing this shit.

    Oh, and I did the V-Max not this one - not sure which one would be worse. (There is a whole garage complete with tool-box and individual tools of course as wel)

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