aight, this is just dumb....
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Thread: aight, this is just dumb....

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    Talking aight, this is just dumb....

    have you guys seen or read about this numb-n**tts!!??

    read the news post and tells me if its the same vid, cause i fell asleep!!! funny stuff... i def ride faster than that and i'm only on an r6!!! oops better watch it, them cops are gonna get me!!! lmao!!!

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    ouch, not going to say anything about the speed, but dont put that crap on the net WITH your address/car license plate in plain view.

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    He was overtaking dangerously and prob breakin the speedlimit.

    U.K cops hate bikers! (And yes that was the U.K this time COCKrel wherever you are! Lol!) So i'm not surprised they busted him!

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    I have been saying it for years...why do illegal shit and make a are bound to get screwed over for it
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    And it wasn't even GOOD speeding. The wheelie attempt was lame and the turns hardly leaned at all......
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