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Thread: gettin a new bike

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    gettin a new bike

    after thinkin and weighin out my options i bought the 06 husky 610 from 5th gear. there were 3 bikes i was thinkin about all of them for the reliability facter.
    drz400 tried and true
    honda xr 650 big red pig and highly recomended
    and the te 610 husky which i couldnt find much info on but every thing i did find stated it was a bullet proof runner
    i finaly settled on the husky couse it was almost the same price as the drz and twice the bike and lighter then both the drz and the xr

    I get the bike middle of next week so come on boys i have a wicked loop i do every sat mornin. it has a bit of gravel. twisty pavment and rolling hills that lift the front wheel high enough to loop ya at 130 kph if your not carefull
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    You're in for a very fun summer with that baby.

    Plan on getting the bark busters and axle sliders soon. With a first tuneup ride as you describe you'll be needing 'em by the sounds of it...
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    Sounds like good times. good for you have fun .

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