Degenerating/Herniation Lumbar Disk.
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Thread: Degenerating/Herniation Lumbar Disk.

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    Degenerating/Herniation Lumbar Disk.

    Hey I was just diagnosed with a L5 S1 disk herniation and that disk is degenerating. I was wondering if there were any BCSB members that have suffered or are going through the same thing? If you have any treatment methods that have worked I would appreciate some tips.


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    Hey welcome to the club!! I was diagnosed a few years get good days and bad days as you know...taking anti inflams when it gets bad along with painkillers...supposed to take calcium and vitamins to help slow the progress down...just had a chat with my phisio on wed. since i am having bad pain but basically everyone will get some kind of problems...

    going for deep tissue and phisio right now to get some relief....Should mention i used to go to a chiro for some help but a friend 2 weeks ago suffered a stroke due to a neck I don't think i will ever go to a chiro again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sushi ya ha View Post
    ...but a friend 2 weeks ago suffered a stroke due to a neck manipulation...
    holy sh*t !

    that's quite the risk factor to consider
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    My mom is actually being treated for this right now. She's getting special chrio stuff done that only a few chiropractors do.

    The only bad thing about getting treated for it is that you wouldn't be able to ride your bike for a while. She's not even supposed to sit on the couch for extended periods of time.
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