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    ART course

    I was thinking of taking the race course but think it's probably overkill for what I need. I can drag the knee with the rest of them but kept it for the one trck day I did in Portland last year. How is the ART course. I'm a confident aggressive rider so would this be time better spent in Troy's race course?

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    if you feel that confident, and/or you have already had your knee down at a track day, smart money says take the Track Course, for the simple fact that you get a full day at Mission with instruction for only $100 over the ART course.
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    I took the ART course last year with Enger and fireball. We all had a blast doing it and definitely found it worthwhile. I think the three of us have similar riding styles to you - (confident with the willingness to speed on occasion )

    ART course offers formal training/instruction. You basically ride around the track as often as you can and gradually build up your technique and speed. Bernie and Troy are awesome and you get to watch yourself on video replay. The entire day is spent at Tradex though, not on an actual course. It kind of reminded me of Boundary Bay.

    I think it all depends on what you're expecting to achieve. ART course is an excellent way to fine tune your technique. But the race school expands those skills onto a real track. I plan on taking the race course this year - Session 1A. With enough interest, we should get a bunch of women to sign up!

    Good luck!
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