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    violation ticket

    Today as i was riding on granville to my gf's place for dinner, i turned left at a yellow to red light @ the king edward intersection. I was pulled over by a cop after and he flagged me for running a red light at intersection. Obviously i haf no witness but could anyone tell me if the cameras on the corners are operational or they are out of order already? i am thinkin of disputing anyhow.

    Let me know your inputs.


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    There are only camera boxes at almost 100 intersections in Vancouver (as far as I recall) but there aren't that many cameras so they move them around. SENSE lists 18 locations that actually have cameras as they know but they're not 100% accurate. They don't list a camera at that location.

    Is there even a camera box at Granville and King Edward? It wouldn't prove you were in the right anyway. The camera errs on the side of the driver - you have to enter the intersection on the red to get a red light cam ticket.

    The police can decide that you could have slowed down and stopped but chose to run the yellow instead.

    The MVA says " the driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection and facing the yellow light must cause it to stop before entering the marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no marked crosswalk, before entering the intersection, unless the stop cannot be made in safety," so if you didn't even try to stop and could have as far as the officer was concerned, you would be ticketed.

    Good luck with your dispute.

    sense website:

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    As penumbra604 points out, it's legal to enter an intersection on a yellow, to turn or to go through, provided you couldn't have stopped safely otherwise.

    You're on an '03 RR, and have been a member here since June '04. Three years on a bike should be enough to know it's stopping characteristics, so you *may* be able to argue that you judged that stopping safely wasn't possible.

    Still, if the officer shows up he will hold up his double-digit years on traffic patrol as his experience in judging whether cars/bikes could stop at yellow lights or not. It will come down to who is more believable.
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    Was there another vehicle behind you? If so, you can claim that you felt if you had stopped on the yellow the driver behind you, who was traveling much to close to your back tire, would have rear ended you.
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    if it was a cop that pulled you over, then you are screwed. As far as I'm aware, it's just as serious to run a yellow as it is for a red.
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    I have always used the excuse of having a tailgater behind me but will agree with them that yes, I could have stopped safely -IF- there wasn't some cager behind me endangering my life. Generally not an excuse really. More truth.

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    How can a traffic cop possibly know what your level of experience and comfort on a bike is? Because of the way the act is worded you have a ton of wiggle room. Dispute the ticket for sure, then be prepared to argue why you didn't feel you could have stopped safely. Just because the bike is capable of stopping from xx speed in xx number of feet doesn't mean that you nessecairily had the confidence at the time to do it. It's kidna early in the season isn't it? When did you ride last? Grabbing too much brake and dumping your bike in an intersection isn't anyone's definition of safe.

    I'd say that if you spend a little time on this, you can easily get off.

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