Wednesday 14th - Evening ride
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Thread: Wednesday 14th - Evening ride

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    Ninja Boy

    Wednesday 14th - Evening ride

    Date: Wednesday March 14th 2007
    Time: 4:00pm (flexiable, but as long as it's still during daylight when we leave)
    Starting Point: New Westminster Uptown Starbucks
    Destination: Fort Langley, and then take the Ferry from Fort Langley over to the other side. (also flexiable on the roads that we take)
    Back: whenever... (maybe some stunting at the end for whoever is up for it? )
    Pace: Sane mostly, if any1 wants to take it a bit faster on the highway or some of the twisty roads thats up to you.

    Come on people, its gonna be a great day for a ride, tomorrow afternoon is suppose to be very clear, no clouds in sight! Hope to see a good number coming out. Everyone welcome!
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