Cylinder 1 not firing..!!
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Thread: Cylinder 1 not firing..!!

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    Question Cylinder 1 not firing..!!

    Hey guys, hope you can help me.. Got a 93 Katana 600, works very nice but yesterday cylinder 1 stopped working, ( that is, the extreme left cylinder), I thought it was the spark plug so I changed them all (since they needed change anyway), but the problem´s still there!!

    When I put the spark plug and the spark cable together touching the frame and hit Start, sparks appear, so I assume the cable and spark plug are working.. what could it be?


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    check for compression? maybe a valve/piston ring is not sealing?

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    How do you know it's that one??? when the bike is cold start it up then quickly feel each header pipe for heat...the cold one is the one with no fire....then do a compression check....if thats ok....recheck for spark...if thats good check for fuel going to that cylinder...try tapping the carb...could be a stuck float
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    Check to see if the plug is not actually firing. Pull the plug out, hook it up to the wire, ground it to the block and hit the starter. if you don't see it sparkin', try another wire. an the same side of your ignitor. Then on the other side as the ignitor. and so on, and so on, ... Process of elimination.
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    spark compression fuel.

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