A* MX-1 or Dainese Santa Monica?
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Thread: A* MX-1 or Dainese Santa Monica?

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    A* MX-1 or Dainese Santa Monica?

    Hi im looking at purchasing a new jacket. Unfortunately none of my local shops have these jackets in so i cannot try them on but i have tried on product from both companies and they fit me well. I do not go to the track but plan on it in the future but for now i do mostly street riding. I would liek some opinions from people who either own the jackets or just some overall opinions on the brands and features.


    Here are some links with prices and pictures and features:

    Dainese Santa Monica: http://www.kneedraggers.com/details/...t--614112.html

    A* MX-1:

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    Well I've owned two alpinestars one piece suits in the past and currently love my race replica. I also have an alpinestars stage fully perf'd jacket that I love. I would have to say the build quality of the suits are excellent, I haven't crashed in my jacket... not that I would want to... but I can tell by the stitch and thickness of leather that it would hold up well.

    The MX-1 is a step above my jacket and I'm sure it is a very good quality built jacket. Alpinestars tends to make the back of their jackets a little longer for better protection and to stop wind flying up your back... check out the Dainese... looks pretty short back there if you ask me... I'm sure its a great jacket.... but your paying big time for the name and the fact that Rossi wears that brand. If you want my honest opinion, go with the Alpinestars, its cheaper and put together with quality product.

    Mind you I don't know what kind of armor the MX-1 comes with... But my Stage came with flimsy rubber type armor, So I took the old GP hard shell with dual density foam out of my cut up suit (different story) and put that in.
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